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By: Foster Jensen

It all started when Nathan Webb was two years-old. He was practically born with a basketball in his hands. His father played basketball at Brigham Young University, so ever since he can remember he has had a basketball in his hands. “We had lots of basketballs and a hoop outside,” Webb said, “I grew up loving the game.”

Webb played on a travel team from fifth to eighth grade coached by his father Richie. He spent lots of time in the gym. He played with his friends on this team and has grown to be very close to them to this day Webb still plays with these same kids. He first started playing for a school team in 8th grade.

Webb has come a long way since eighth grade. He is now a 6’5’’ forward for the Madison Bobcats. He said his favorite moment, “Was when I got moved up to play varsity my sophomore year against Bonneville.”

Ever since then Webb has been an asset on the court for Madison. “Nathan is a very good player,” former teammate Regge Dayton said. “ He works very hard, he takes care of the ball, has great vision, and is a lights out shooter.” Webb compared himself to Klay Thompson. “I ‘m not as good as him,” Webb said, “ But we have the same play style, we both have lots of length, and shoot the ball well.”

This year Madison is 6-1 and playing very well. “We have played as a team this year,” said Webb, “We play as a team on both ends of the floor, we talk on defense, we are close off the floor as well as on the floor. It has really showed this year.”

The team is looking to do better than last year after losing in the district tournament in overtime to Skyline. Webb said, “That was the most devastating moment I’ve ever had, I’ll never forget the feeling. I hope it doesn’t happen again.” That has been one of the big things that motivates the Bobcats.

Webb is a very hard worker, he goes to practice everyday to get better. He is also very dedicated to the game of basketball. If Webb isn’t at practice with his team you can find him in a gym alone or with his dad just working to get better.

“Having my dad there at the gym to rebound, so I can shoot a variety of shots is a huge reason my shot is where it is,”  said Webb. Since he was little he has had a basketball in his hands, working hard to get better. Now go watch Webb play, and you will see that hard work pays off.

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Hard Work Pays Off