May the Fourth be with You

Students celebrate Star Wars Day.

by Keegan Andrus, Nohea Jensen and Jacob Cannon

A movie that made $418,337,535 in the first movie showing is greatly appreciated by the students that attend MHS, Star Wars. National Star Wars day was made for the fans to remember the movie, characters and franchise.


“However old I grow up, I can still always go back to that time when I was having fun with Star Wars,”

Junior Mason Cameron said.

Traditions have gone as far as watching the series, and dressing up as characters from the series, and more.


“Sometime I’ll watch the original trilogy,”Junior Ethan Bjornn said.


“I always wear one of my star wars shirts, ‘cause I have a few,” Senior Anna Chapman said.


Fans appreciate the idea of being able to attend a school where Star Wars is liked and supported. Students at MHS show their pride for the franchise by going above and beyond and making cakes.


“One year we made a cake that was in the shape of a Death Star, so, that’s pretty cool,” Chapman said.


If you aren’t apart of the fan base of star wars students encourage you too.


“Star Wars rules, watch it,” Chapman said.


“Join the Dark Side” Bjornn said.




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