Strange Addictions: Netflix

Students at MHS discuss why they watch Netflix.

By: Anna Shirley and Fabian Komberg

Many students at MHS, and teenagers in general, have found themselves in a downward spiral of getting hooked on a Netflix TV series. Most MHS students watch Netflix and their original series.

“I like Netflix because there are a lot of great tv shows,” Sophomore Maddie Townsend said.

Netflix also produces ‘Netflix Originals’ which is the company’s own tv shows and movies.

“When they put on their own budget, they don’t have to rely really on any third party companies or anything like that they only have themselves worry about,” Sophomore Maximus Badillo said.

Many of their Netflix originals have skyrocketed in popularity, such as Stranger Things, Thirteen Reasons Why, Orange is The New Black and The Fundamentals of Caring.

“I like watching Stranger Things. I like how creative it is and how the world building is in it,” Junior Ian Ashby said.


The home screen of Netflix being accessed through a mobile device.


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