MHS express opinions on going STAG to Prom

Girls’ Opinion

by Megan Wood

For girls and guys, prom is one of the biggest events of the year. MHS girls feel that getting a date, dress, and even the whole event itself is stressful. But what if you didn’t have a date and went with your girlfriends to prom? MHS girls say what they think about going stag to prom.

For some girls at MHS, they already have a boyfriend, so worrying about a date isn’t a big problem.

“I have a boyfriend so I don’t really have to worry about not getting asked. But, If I didn’t, and didn’t get asked, I’d so go. I think it shows you’re independent as heck and you don’t need a boy to dress up for. I wouldn’t skip my senior prom just cause a boy doesn’t wanna pay for a date,” Senior Gates Williams said.


Left to right: Kylee Christensen, Kalli Thueson, Sadie Perrine.

Other girls say the pressure of going with a guy is intimidating and this makes them self conscious.

“Going with a date is fun and all, but I’m always worrying about how I look or how awkward things will be. If you go stag, all the pressure goes away,” Junior Kiersten Crowther said.

Another popular opinion is that girls think it’s the guy’s responsibility to ask a girl to prom.


“I think girls should not have to go stag to prom. Guys need to get enough guts to ask them out,” Senior Jessica Facer said.

Overall, girls agree that going to stag with your favorite girls is totally cool and guys need to get the guts to ask the girls out, “It’s so fun to just go with your girls and not worry about impressing the boy or anything. I totally would go stag to prom,” Sophomore Issy Carter said.


Left to right: Ashley Fisher, Kinsley Hodges, Chloe Miller, Paige Gilbert, Lexi Garner, Brynn Castillow, Issy Carter.

Boys’ Opinions

by Keegan Andrus

MHS students give their opinions on going stag, to prom. Going stag means that you don’t have a date and you are going to the dance alone.

“Guys should ask a girl or just not go at all,” Senior Ammon Ohran said.

Some students think you shouldn’t go if you don’t get ask and others think otherwise.

“If they don’t want to ask anyone it’s cool or if a girl doesn’t get asked and wants to go still I think they should just get a group of friends together and go party at prom. Guys shouldn’t be pressed to ask if they don’t want too. We get these ‘social norms’ drilled into us but sometimes those need to be broken,” Junior Jayson Wade said.


Not only do students think that we need to break ‘social norms’ but they think that everyone needs to go to prom because it’s the biggest party.

“I don’t feel like it’s a big deal. Prom is supposed to be the capstone party of the year. I don’t care who you do or don’t go with. As long as everyone there has a party, you do you fam,” Senior Ryan Kinville said.


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