What Are the Best Tips for Taking ACT/SAT ?

by Rachel Balls and Jacob Cannon

For most students at MHS, standardized testing is not something that is enjoyed. We asked some students and teachers at the high school for their best tips to make the ACT/SAT something that’s not dreaded.


“For taking the ACT, I suggest doing practice tests online, those definitely helped, and I would say go through and do the ones you know first, and don’t spend your times on the hard ones because you want to get the most points that you can,” Senior Kaesi Keck said. “There’s a lot of math, reading, science, there’s a little bit of electronics, the biggest section I think is math so make sure you go over like basic algebra stuff and things like that.”


Getting high scores on the tests is important when thinking about college application because many schools will look at your scores when considering admission.


“I’d say just, first of all don’t stress, because that just makes the whole test harder, and get a goodnight’s sleep beforehand, go any over notes you’ve taken the night before, and then just don’t sweat it because you be able to think clearer with the less stress,” Senior Nathan Ricks said.


Teachers are also willing to help, and encourage sufficient preparation for the ACT/SAT.


“I think either prep classes or you can get the practice tests online, you can pay the money and get them, either one I think my kids who have done that have had better scores,”  Mrs. Miller said.


By using these tips, taking prep classes, and making sure you are well prepared the day before testing, you can ensure you’ll be doing your best.



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