Noticing Small Things

Editorial by Hannah Bennett


There are 52 weeks in a year. and for about 32 of those weeks, I am stuck sitting in a room surrounded by my fellow high schoolers. I do my homework, and stay in during lunch to Photoshop and plan what my staffers will do in class that week. That’s my normal routine.

But this week I found that people were saying hi and asking me to sit by them. I saw Senior boys talking to shy Sophomore girls. Once I even saw a girl buy someone lunch who usually didn’t eat. It’s the small things that I notice.

Hello Week is only 5 days out of the 356 in the year, but it’s in these 5 days where lives can change. Not only for the people being served, but those serving. As I see our school’s chain hanging along the hallway, it gives me hope for the future. With the difficulties our school has experienced throughout this school year, MHS has become a close knit group instead of separate teachers, students, and administration.

It is my hope that we do not forget the services that have taken place this week. Let’s make a difference in our small community. It may be the end of Hello Week, but lets not stop saying hello. Any day can be apart of Hello Week, if you take your time to say one word to those you see. What’s that word?




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