Rewarding Moments

By Brynn Castillow and Gabrielle Carter

Many experiences come with rewarding moments, whether it’s beating an opponent or graduating with the 4.0. With hard work and time, the dedication you put into your goals can really pay off.

Beating an opponent ranked higher than you in districts Tennis was a rewarding moment for Junior Luke Richards. Richards had always had a love for tennis, but it wasn’t until last year that he decided to play with a team. Because of the hard work Richards put into the sport, he was able to come out with the win.

“By the rankings he should’ve been better than me, but I beat him so it felt good.”  Richards said

Getting a 4.0 throughout high school has been an important goal for Senior Jake Rammell. Attending four years of high school, and having sports Rammell enjoys to play, it took a lot of hard work to achieve this goal. With just four months left, Rammell has no intentions of letting his goal fall.

“It shows that I’ve worked hard at it, I haven’t given up on, especially when there’s difficult tests or assignments, I haven’t given up, I get it done,and get the grades I want,” Rammell said.

Making $200 is rewarding for sophomore Emily Curtis. Last summer Curtis went door to door selling coupon cards. For Curtis, it was intimidating having to sell coupon cards to a new person every 5 minutes.

“It helped me gained confidence, and I earned $200.”, Curtis said.

Hard work and time payed off for Senior Journee Sutton. Getting a full ride scholarship to Salt Lake Community College satisfied Sutton. It was rewarding for her, because she put a lot of hard work, time, and running which all payed off in the end. SLC Community College is only 3½ hours away from home.


Photo Courtesy from Senior Journee Sutton

“I still have a lot more work to put in if I want to keep playing.”, Sutton said   


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