Becoming Buddies with Burton Kids

By: Julianna Short

The Burton Buddies club is the newest student organization to be formed at MHS this school year.  Every Friday, this club meet together to go have lunch with the Burton children.  It has allowed many of our high school’s students to become friends and mentors to these kids.

Senior Emma LeFevre, President of Burton Buddies, has always loved being around younger kids.  She has grown up in a family of educators, which has given her an instinctive love for children.  Burton Buddies has given her and others the opportunity to act on that love and talk to our Burton friends.

“The kids are so energetic and so fun.  They are all just cute and fun to talk to,”  LeFevre said.

When the club meets every Friday at lunch, they head over to Burton elementary and interact with the children to make sure each and every one has a friend.  Senior Ashlyn Gordon, Vice president, feels it also benefits the High School students who participate.

“It helps us branch out and get to know the younger kids.  These high schoolers are their example,” Gordon said.

The club’s doors are always open to anyone who is wanting to join.  It will not only help these children, but help you grow a greater love for everyone around you as well.

“This is a unique service opportunity for people and gives them a chance to look outside of themselves and be apart of the community,” LeFevre said.

To join Burton Buddies, talk to LeFevre or Gordon and they will be happy to help you!



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