Red, White, and Gray! The Bobcats are back for Spirit Day!

by Samantha Spackman and Haylie Brown

Photo courtesy: Lyric Evans

Building floats is often the best part of spirit week for some. Jacob Peck the (his student office ) said, “Get fired up!” after being asked what their senior class float theme would be.
The floats and teams/clubs on them, while being serious about what they do, still have some silly moments in the process of creating their masterpieces. Peck and his group accidentally spray painted the grass green, and tipped the trailer up by sitting on the wrong side.
There are many fun moments in creating a float, and Peck said his favorite one was, “Cutting out the big giant “B” or spray painting.”
After several hours of work, Peck found his overall favorite part was making their float unique. He said, “Probably the craftiness of it I guess. making it look cool and artsy. 

Lyric Evans, another Senior, also helped with the Senior float.

One of her favorite parts she said,  “Everyone coming to my house and getting to eat pizza and being able to build it together.”

Building a float is hard work. Evans said, “Trying to figure everything out and thinking of how we were going to do it”

Throughout the entire making of the float, many exciting things occurred.

“Getting to see how it came together and how it worked out at the end,” said Evans.


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