MHS Homecoming King and Queen

by: Hallie Cichos & Monica Franco

It’s Homecoming week at MHS and with all the activities, comes the announcing of Homecoming King and Queen. Last week the Senior class voted for who would represent this years Homecoming royalty. The 2016 Homecoming King and Queen are Senior Michael Cole and Senior Brooklyn Morrill.

Cole was surprised when the announcement was made.

“I’m also very excited to be the King,” Cole said.

Cole also went on to say that he wasn’t nervous to be in front of hundreds of people, and that he was brave and strong.

“I really wanted to be the King anyway,” Cole said.

Brooklyn Morrill was also very surprised when she learned she was Homecoming queen.

“My friends had something to do with it I know.  I was kind of upset,”   Morel said. She told her friends not to nominate her but they did anyways so she  told them they were annoying.

Morrill later said that she really was excited and honored to be nominated.

“It’s an honor, it’s really cool that I get to represent the Senior class of Madison High School as their homecoming Queen for this year.”

Morrell and Cole will be honored with the rest of the royalty at the assembly, parade and football game on Friday, and at the dance on Saturday.


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