Middle Earth’s got nothing on this Trebuchet

Story by: Sam Goff

A trebuchet, or catapult, is used to launch objects over long distances. That is exactly what two students at Madison did. Juniors Sam Fisher and Caleb Barzee decided to build a trebuchet for their Lord of The Rings class.

“We only had to research and present on weapons from The Lord of The Rings but Caleb said we should take the extra step and build a trebuchet,” said Fisher.

A Trebuchet Is not an easy thing to build, and something you can’t just make in a couple of hours. It takes a lot of planning before you even start to build it.

“In total it took us about twenty-four hours to make” said Barzee.

Students can make school more enjoyable when they do things like this and go the extra mile. That is exactly what these two students did and the whole class was able to enjoy it with them. School is what you make of it.


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