Walmart Grand Opening: Big Store, Big News

Rexburg Walmart, finally open!

By: Kaoura Harper, Pictures By: Kaoura Harper

The biggest store and the biggest news of Rexburg has a blue and yellow look to it. Walmart has built a super center in the north end of town. Its grand opening was Wednesday, January 27 and they had a grand opening party that morning 30 minutes after it opened.

Associates have been working overtime to get the new super store ready in time for the grand opening. Employees have worked day and night to stock the hundreds of shelves before opening day.

“Not everybody was authorized for overtime but towards the end they started authorizing overtime for those that wanted over time had the option to take it.” said Scott Harper, produce sales associate. Harper said he got 5-10 hours of overtime a week.

Walmart has added a busing system for those that would normally have to walk to Walmart. It route includes on campus and around Porter Park. It goes around every 15 minutes to pick up those that need to get to Walmart.

Walmart has added a ton to its selection in its super center. They have a tire and auto care area and a gas station. They have added an eye care center, a hair salon, and a produce section. This might cause more competition for other companies that sell tires and gas, and might affect where people put their money.  It is more convenient having everything in one spot compared to going store to store to get different items. Rexburg is excited for a new Walmart and the convenience it gives to most citizens.


Walmart employees still have more shelves to stock before opening day.

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