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MHS Students Earn almost $1 Million in Scholarships

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Going Above and Beyond

By: Faustin Woods 

Every year Madison High School hosts a Senior Awards Recognition Night. This year it was held Thursday, May 19th and 144 of the 310 graduating seniors received awards this year. Overall 234 scholarships were given out totaling to a lump sum of $885,000, just shy of a million dollars. In all there were 21 full-ride scholarships awarded from various universities including: BYU, BYU-I, BSU, ISU, and U of I.

Many students stereotypically assume that only those with good grades or impressive achievements qualify for these scholarships. In actuality, a significant amount of the awarded scholarships awarded Thursday evening were based on other credentials such as: involvement in Ag/FFA, Fine Arts, Art, Health Care, Athletics, and even Character. In fact many scholarships are solely based on a resume and/or an essay. The Matthew Quarez Memorial scholarship for example way awarded to two students planning to major in Art.

Madison students are heavily supported by a loving caring community. Various Memorial Scholarships, as well as countless business scholarships were generously awarded to those who applied or qualified for them.

Miss Allowitz, Madison High Counselors said, “It’s pretty amazing that there’s so many available, and that speaks a lot not only about the kids, but the community that we have here.”

“I’m glad to see it, but I’d also like to see more recognition in departments such as Ag and Family Consumer Sciences,” Allowitz said.

There is definitely always room for growth and improvements, and Madison looks forward to those. For those interested in scholarships visit the counselor’s office and most importantly apply. It’s better to apply than to look back after it’s too late.

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MHS Students Earn almost $1 Million in Scholarships