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What's going on during 4th hour at MHS?

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Sing it loud, sing it proud!

Story by: Brielle Hammond

During 4th period, the Mussettes, one of the choirs at MHS practices their songs for upcoming concerts.


Mr. Hink’s 4th hour music class getting ready to start singing. Photo by Brielle Hammond

This is no ordinary choir: it is a all girl try out only choir. Mr. Hinck is the choir teacher and has been helping Madison choir for years.

“The reason that Madison is so good is all because of Mr. Hinck, seriously he is so amazing” said sophomore Sarah Crawford.

To start the class Mr. Hinck has the class warm up to scales and other things. Sometimes the girls give each other shoulder massages to feel all loose and ready to sing. 

“Then we sing, sing and sing some more!” said Crawford.

They practice their songs for concerts and just have such a fun time doing what they all love! If you like to sing and would like the opportunity to be in choir, the tryouts are next week.

Mr. Snelgroves 4th hour AP class

Story by: Sam Goff

In Mr. Snelgroves 4th period AP English class, they are talking about the book that they are reading. This trimester they are reading Moby Dick. It is a book about a sea captain that is hunting a giant white whale. IMG_4586

As always Mr. Snelgroves class is filled with lots of laughs and jokes. He makes boring books come alive with the way he teaches and gets the students involved in the book so it’s more than just a book.

His classes always get sidetracked on something different than what they are supposed to be talking about. Mr. Snelgrove decided after giving them a quiz, it was a good time to show some magic tricks like David Copperfield.

He had a blank sheet of paper, he put it behind his back and when he brought his hands back it was gone. He had done it, sort of. What he really did was drop the paper behind him making the class laugh at his amazing trick.

AP classes may be a little bit harder than a normal class but Mr. Snelgrove loves teaching and knows how to make it feel like it’s not school at all.

Mr. Panchari teaching students more than just History

Story by: Ryan Perkes

Coach Panchari’s 4th period class is learning about Civil rights in the U.S and MLK’s writing while he was in jail and the different types of segregation that existed. IMG_4581

The writings that MLK wrote while he was in jail was a very important piece of history that isn’t really talked about as far as how it was written. Better known as “The Letter from Birmingham Jail” Coach Panchari believed that it was an important topic to talk about.

Civil Rights is always going to be an issue and that’s why history teacher will always teach about how bad it was around 1955 and how cruel it can be.

Photography class teaches life skills

Story by: Branden Edelmayer

Madison high is one of the best photography high schools in the country. Madison’s teacher Larry Prescott is very passionate about teaching photography.  He teaches his students how to use cameras like professionals. 


Kaden Severn taking a photo in downtown Idaho Falls. Photo by: Shaylee Severn

He prepares them for getting photography jobs in the future.

“Photography lets me create whatever I want. I love how light can shape the way you see things. Mr. Prescott taught me there is no correct way to take a picture, It’s all up to the photographer,” said Senior Kaden Severn.

Creative students create unique art

Story by: Shaylee Severn

If you love art and creativity, taking an art class at Madison High is a great way to enhance your skills and have fun. In  Mr. Lauritsen’s class, you can learn how to paint, draw, do pottery, and get the skills you need to make amazing art.


Working to improve his artistic abilities, Sophomore Fisher Neff works on a project in Mr. Laurtisen’s class. Photo by: Shaylee Severn

Many different styles and techniques are used to learn about all different aspects of art.

The Art 1 class is currently working on forming and painting masks. Sophomore Fisher Neff said “I took this class because I like painting. My favorite colors to paint with are red, yellow and blue because they’re the element colors of the world.”

One of the best things this class has to offer is hands on learning. Not only do you receive an education on art, but you get to create your own. This class allows you to be creative and express yourself while learning proper technique. It also expands your abilities and introduces new styles.

4th hour Office aides help MHS to run smoothly

Story by: Mckell Hancock

Being a 4th hour office aide was a lot of fun according to Telsie Clements, Natalie Fullmer, and Ben Hunt.   


Office Aides getting letters ready to mail to parents. Photo credit: McKell Hancock

Some of the office aide assignments include taking notes to people, answering phone calls, mailing letters, taking down the flags, helping Mr. Busby, and assignments from the secretaries.

“I like delivering the notes. It gets [me] exercise,” said Clements.

The three work as a team. If they have a lot of notes then they all deliver them at once. If there is only a few, they take turns delivering them.

“There is always something to do and when there’s not, we usually just talk and have fun with each other,” said Fullmer.

Ben Hunt was also an office aide 5th hour, 2nd tri. Even though it’s the same class there is different assignments every hour.

“You have to pop popcorn every once in awhile in 5th hour for the games,” said Hunt.

The Lesson of Life

Story by: Sarah Paepke

On Tuesday, April 12, Sarah Paepke sat alone in a dark classroom during fourth period. The teacher: her conscience.

The Lesson of Life, Sarah Paepke

Mrs. Stanford’s class room sits empty during 4th hour when she is teaching Journalism upstairs in the lab. This is where Sarah Paepke learned an important life lesson. Photo by: Sarah Paepke.

Although she is only a junior, Sarah has a bad case of senioritis. She longs to escape the prison walls of high school and venture out into the real world. However, her conscience had a very important lesson to teach her about being careful what she wishes for.

“Sarah, why do you want to get out of high school so badly,” said Conscience.

Sarah’s reply was one that she had given many people, multiple times.

“High school is a world of its own. It’s like being trapped in a tiny fish tank with a bunch of emotional guppies who are drowning in drama, longing to fit in, struggling to keep up with schoolwork, and trying to discover their true identity all at the same time. It’s awkward, and emotionally draining,” said Paepke.

Conscience nodded its head with understanding after Sarah’s explanation, but inquired on what she thinks will be so different about life after high school. She explained that once everyone ventures out into the real world, all of the drama of high school won’t matter anymore. The things that people think are so important now, like who is dating who, or which girl has the cutest hairstyle, won’t be anymore. Everyone will begin to accept who they really are, and their priorities will change.

After this response, Conscience took a moment to teach a lesson.

“Sarah, you are missing what’s truly important here. Yes, high school might be stressful, confusing, and emotional, but if you waste away your days here wishing that you were somewhere else, you will miss opportunities to make memories, and make a difference in other people’s lives. There are individuals in this school that need your good example, and your friendship. You have the opportunity to lift other people up, and make their high school experience better.”

Conscience ended its lesson with the statement, “Bloom where you are planted.”

Sarah left this class with a new outlook on high school, an optimistic attitude, and a desire to love and serve everyone she comes in contact with.

A Polished Addition to a Positive Project

Madison FFA still hard at work with FFA Farm

By: Faustin Wood

After 2,000 feet of steel pipe, 90 posts, 1000 hours of labor, cutting, torching and countless months of preparation, the Madison FFA is near completion of a massive project. At the end of last school year, it was decided that a fence would be erected surrounding the existing 5 acre hay field bordering the school parking lot. The project is scheduled to be wrapped up by the end of this week.

FFA Fence Project

Off in the distance past the cars, you can see the fence that was donated to and built by the FAA. They will begin planting this spring. Photo by: Faustin Wood.


After a few instances of intruders, it will be a huge help in closing the field off to prevent damage.

“It’s a great thing. It’ll keep people out of the hay field,” said Senior Chance Rose.

“It’s nice,” Mr. Bair Ag teacher at Madison preached. “The Ag Mechanics class is planned to help weld the top railing to speed things up.”

With so much help, this huge undertaking will finally be complete. DL Beck Construction donated of all the steel pipe. Ron Wilcox and Wilcox farms donated their expertise and labor. The FFA students put in countless hours of hard work.

Work Sorta, Play Hard

Story by: Kaden Severn

Power training is a class designed to allow students to workout and get fit. This trimester though many students are finding it hard to find the motivation. This is especially seen in fourth hour. Many students simply can’t find the will to workout in this last week of school. Often times kids will do one or two lifts then go to the gym to play basketball.

Senior Braxton Leman said, “I just don’t want to work out. I just ball it up instead. It’s better this way.”

As school is coming to a close, it’s becoming more and more clear that students are struggling to stay motivated.

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What's going on during 4th hour at MHS?