At least there’s summer


Amanda Stubbs, Reporter

When we think of summer we most likely think of friends and what you should do with your friends. Or in other cases, students think of work and earning money, on the other hand maybe you look forward to a nice warm nap in the sun. What do you enjoy the most about summer?

“I like going and getting coffee or boba with my friends.” Junior Rayce Anderson said.

More times than not people will create a bucket list for the summer. Whether they are a senior trying to live up one last summer before buckling down for college, or a junior living it up before their very last year in high school. 

“I usually don’t write a bucket list just because I never stick with it. I just kinda go with the flow of things and whatever happens, happens,” Anderson said

What’s so great about summer other than not having to go to school for 3 months? What does the hyped up summer have to offer? Most students enjoy the warm sun, sandy beaches, vacation, boating camping, late nights at the sand dunes, etc.

“I love soaking up the sun and being able to get out of the house. Being part of activities and finally getting up into the mountains,” Junior Ashlynn Park said

Some students have passions we practice in the summer. They have hundreds of talents hidden in our school. Some may apply time into sports, work, or possibly save money for traveling. 

“I’m definitely going to be practicing my photography because it hasn’t been the best lately, drive around see places you don’t get to see very often, hang out with friends have fun,” Anderson said.