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Idaho an Angler's Paradise

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Story by: Henry George and Zach Jensen

Idaho is renowned as one of the best fly fishing spots in the world. People come from all over the world to fish at Henrys Fork, Teton river and South Fork and each uses unique styles of fly fishing. With the differences in style, fisherman need special equipment. The main equipment needed for fly fishing is flies and rods.   

The most obvious differences in styles are the flies. The three main types of flies are dry flies, nymphs and streamers. Each can be used for different circumstances and at different times of the year. The purpose of flies is to imitate real insects or fish, and the different types are good for different situations.

The dry fly floats on top of the water and for example imitates a mayfly resting on the surface to a fish. Nymphs are used below the surface of the water to imitate hatching flies and widely accepted as the most productive fly. Mostly because of its versatility and because it can be used all year long. Streamers imitate fish and produce the most aggressive strikes from the fish as it imitates a wounded fish.

There are two main variations with the rods. Most of the difference is in the grip. The length of a rod is called the weight and there are many weights to choose from. From the small 2-weight rod which could be used for a 9-inch brook trout to a 12-weight rod used for a 80 pound tarpon.

There are also two handed rods called switch rods used for getting powerful, accurate long distance casts. A switch rod should have a certain handle design and rod length. The rod should be as long as possible for when using it as a double hander, but there is a limit to how long it can be for when using it as a single hand rod.

Cameron Miller from said, “For me, the absolute limit is at 11-feet. You cannot fish a longer rod as a single hand, the swing weight and air resistance will tire your arm and hand in no time. It will also damage your wrist.” Fly fishing is not a skill everyone can pick up easily it takes years to master. There are many different types and styles and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Idaho an Angler's Paradise