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Favorite drink shop in Rexburg among MHS Student

Soda Vine located in Rexburg

Fisher Andersen

Soda Vine located in Rexburg

Fisher Andersen, Reporter


There are various drink shops in Rexburg. Some of the popular ones are Soda Vine, Great Scotts, Pick Me Up, and Mountain Pop Shop. A poll was taken of about 100 students among Madison High and here are the results. 

The most popular pick was Soda Vine with almost half of the votes. In second place was Great Scotts and in third place was Pick Me Up. 

“Gotta go with Great Scott’s because it’s a classic, and you can’t go wrong with a Redneck,” Senior Jared Hammond said. 

Great Scotts is a first pick for many people, but Soda Vine’s vintage and chill atmosphere attracts many people.

Great Scotts, the first official soda shop in Rexburg. (Fisher Andersen)

“My favorite is Soda Vine because it’s a fun place to chill with my friends and drink soda pop,” Sophomore Cail Chandler said. 

Soda Vine is a hot spot for lots of teen friend groups because it is one of the only soda shops that is a sit down shop. 

“Soda Vine is my favorite because I like all the options they have and I love soda” said sophomore Sam Anderson.

Sophomore Katelyn agrees with Anderson with the vibe of Soda Vine.

“I would probably say soda vine because I like the environment there,” Sophomore Katelyn Linton said.Sods