We are back(ish)!


Madison’s hype student section!

Marianna Weaver , Editor

Last night around 5:30, the highschool administrators announced that for the first time since COVID hit, spectators would be allowed back in the gym. This was something people have been hoping for since before basketball season started. 

“It was really unexpected. I didn’t think we were going to be able to go this year. The game was freaking fun. My voice is almost gone still. I could tell the player’s energy was higher because they were excited to have people back in the gym,” Senior Addie Palmer said. 

Palmer was super excited when she found out that we would finally be allowed back. Not only were the players and spectators ecstatic to be back, but the cheerleaders were also over the moon about it. 

“It was so nice to have people cheering with you, and it made the energy a lot better in the gym. The boys were way more excited when they hit a shot,” Junior Shyann Ball said. 

Ball has missed spectators and has even been in contact with Governor Little talking to him about the possibility of letting spectators back in. 

Not only was it exciting for spectators, but it was also a great game. Madison is ranked number 2 in the state, and Thunder Ridge is ranked number 3 in the state for boys basketball. 

At the end of the first quarter, the Bobcats were trailing to the Titians 12-20. The Bobcats were missing some pretty crucial shots, and it seemed like the Titans couldn’t miss. At the half, the Bobcats were trailing 22-29. 

After the half, it seemed like the Bobcats had gotten back into the swing of things; they were making their shots and catching up quickly to thunder. At the end of the third quarter, the score was 40-44, the Titans still leading. 

The fourth quarter was intense and had everyone on their toes. With 29 seconds left in the game, Senior Taden King made two free throw shots giving the Bobcats their first lead since the first quarter, making the score 55-54. Lloyer Driggs, senior point guard at Thunder, then came back down the court, running the clock down. 

At 3 seconds left, he went for a jump shot and missed. King then rebounded the ball, and he was immediately fouled. King made both free throws making it a three-point game. Thunder tried to hit a three and win the game, but time ran out before it could happen. 

The final score was Bobcats 57 Titans 54. The boys play tomorrow night at Bonneville and again next Wednesday at Rigby.

Seniors Kaigan Yates, Brianna Erikson, Addie Palmer, Emily Palafox sand Marz Weaver before the game.