Extra Week of Harvest


Photo by Hazel McLane

Potatoes being hauled from the field.

Hazel McLane, Bobcatbeat Staff

Last week it was announced that we would have an extra week added to harvest break. 

Assistant principal Mr. Busby shared what he knows about why we have an extra week of harvest break. 

“That was a district-level decision. I had nothing to do with that, so I don’t know the reason behind it other than what I hear and read in the paper: the potatoes are coming on sooner than expected and that the farmers needed some help. Last year the potatoes were on late, and everything froze,” Busby said.

This extra week will benefit the community in many ways. For those working, this break will provide an extra week to work and give our janitors a chance to clean the school. 

“One of the biggest pros […] is that we’re helping the farmers out. It allows students to be workable if they want to work.  For families that need to have a little break, this will give them an extra week of break. It will also be beneficial in the sense that we might have a little bit of coronavirus [cleaning is done.] When you came back from summer break, the schools were the cleanest they’ve ever been. They smelt brand new,” Busby said.

The janitors will be working to ensure that our school is just as clean as it was this summer. However, while there are many pros, there are also adverse effects.

“Some of the negative effects are, well, the kids aren’t in school. Time is of the essence of education. Every day, there’s something that you’re learning. The teachers now have to prioritize what to take off the plate,” Busby said.