Fidget Toy Frenzy

MHS students participate in Fidget Toy frenzy.

By Anna Shirley and Ethan Fisher

There has been a growing trend with things called “Fidget Toys”. There are numerous different shapes and styles of these things but they all have one objective: relieve stress and maintain focus.

“Since I have ADHD and a little anxiety, these things really help me. They help me focus and stay concentrated and they’re really stress relieving,” Sophomore Andrew Peters said.

One MHS student even took it into his own hands to sell these toys that are rapidly growing in popularity.

“I sell them. I think they’re something to do in class. I think a lot of times people get distracted or can’t sit in a seat and not do anything,” Junior Zeke Madson said.


One of the many fidget toys.

Fidget toys have been a result of more studies performed on the subject of ADHD and have been designed to help kids and teenagers focus.

“ADHD kids just need something to fidget with and it helps them to focus where they need to be versus wanting to do a lot of other things and then same thing with the tactile learners, it just helps the learning better,” Resource teacher Ms. Shirley said.



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