What really goes down in 5th hour classes

It’s the last period of the day and by this point students are antsy to get out of their classes. While they daydream of their bed back home, MHS students are involved in interesting classes and other activities. Here’s just some of them.


P.E. Class

by Hallie Cichos

If you go to MHS during fifth hour you’ll probably find several students roaming the hallways. Senior, Emily Hunt and Junior, Carson Meredith are both in Mr. Chavez’s fifth hour P.E. class. The class is full of sophomores that argue each move everyone makes.

They weren’t in P.E. today because, “They argue about every little detail, if someone got out, or if someone got in, if they got hit or not.” Hunt said.

Meredith explained the situation further, “It’s like if the ball spins the wrong direction then they’re gonna have a fight about it cause it spun the wrong way.” Meredith said.



Graphic Design

by Brooklyn Niederer

Roaming the halls at Madison high during 5th hour are pretty empty and dreary, stepping into the art room is sure to brighten anyone’s mood. Its full of life and color, every student is working hard to get stuff done.


“[The graphic design class] are coming up with business cards and posters for advertising using photo shop,” said Mr. Lauritsen.

Power Training

by Sommer Waldron

During 5th hour at Madison Senior High School, teacher Mitch Buck teaches the class of power training.

Buck said, “I chase kids around trying to keep them on task..I’ve got a workout for them and they got to do the workout and then there is some playing down there. Next tri they’ll all be in the weight room.”

During power training Buck has a workout that some boys do or  they play basketball with their pals.  



Environmental Solutions

by Brooke Hammond

At Madison high you may not think that much goes on. Little do you know that a class called E.S. goes on field trips almost every other day. 

Towards the very end of the trimester they do presentations. Korryn Gulley and Lexi Wightman are in the class and are working on their presentations.

“We have been practicing our presentations this whole week. Today we did a dress rehearsal and tomorrow is the day to present.”  Gulley said.

So don’t just assume that Madison is boring. There are lots of interesting things that go on at MHS.



by Julianna Short

In Ms. Loosli’s 5th hour class, they are studying for their Government final.  With the holidays coming up, they decided to add a little holiday fun to lessen the stress.

“There’s Christmas music and a fireplace on the board because my teacher used to teach in places she couldn’t celebrate Christmas so we’re playing the music because she likes Christmas,” Senior Emily Stumpf said.  


Counseling Office

by Makenzie Fuller

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Fourth hour, MHS Counselor Mr. Jones said, “ I spend every minute of my job just rearranging kids schedules, so that they can have the teachers that they want, and be a class with a buddy which is an absolute headache.”

 At the same time though, He spends his time fixing people’s schedules so that they can graduate.


Water Girls

by Alexis Navarrete

Coach Buck has more than just boys in his fifth hour class. Now that football season is over, the water girls are helping out Coach Buck in any way that they can.

“We organize the equipment, rooms, and do whatever the coach needs. Even though the season is over there is still work to be done.” said the water girls.




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