More Than Just Home Ec.

by: Rebecca Neal

photo by: Idaho County Free Press

Family Career Community Leaders of America, or FCCLA, is an organization focused on family sciences, careers, leadership, and service. Members prepare projects to compete in STAR Events with different categories like food innovations, interior design, and entrepreneurship to name a few. 

Club advisor Mrs. Eastin explains what FCCLA is. 

“FCCLA is a national program that is offered to students at the high school and junior high level. It involves students in an organization that promotes family. It’s a leadership program. First and foremost it’s getting students involved with each other, getting to know other people.” Mrs. Eastin said. 

FCCLA is a service oriented club. Serving in the community is the highlight for many members.

“I joined because I love to help people. You help out in the community and just see what’s going on in [our town] and try to have some fun helping with it. My experience has made me realize how big of an impact I have.” Junior, Ruby Ocampo said.

FCCLA is an organization that teaches students to be leaders, as they compete in events and serve leadership roles within their districts. 

“It’s a place to involve yourself and be actively involved in a good cause, to serve and to become a better leader, to participate in a star event, which is a competitive event that you can prepare through the year and then present at state conference. It helps you with your speaking skills and your leadership skills and your presentation skills.” Eastin said. 

Club president Rilee Cikaitoga has had the opportunity to be a leader firsthand in the FCCLA Madison chapter.  

“We do parliamentary procedure, so my main responsibility right now is to just conduct that and make sure everything goes smoothly. I get to have a majority say when we’re voting on things, and I get to bring up ideas.” Cikaitoga said.

FCCLA is an especially good program for students because it gives them experience they’ll need when applying for jobs and colleges. 

“It’s a great program, it looks really good on college applications. It really teaches you how to plan and prepare and get ready for college and to be a leader and it just really helps you to be able to prepare for stuff like that.” Cikaitoga said. 

FCCLA meets once a month in Mrs. Wallis’s room AD126 at lunch. FCCLA posts updates on monthly activities and events on their social media pages.

Instagram: madisonfccla

Facebook: Madison FCCLA. 

For more information on the FCCLA organization, visit 


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