You don’t have to be good at art to love it

Photos drawn/taken by Haylie Brown

Photos drawn/taken by Haylie Brown


By Haylie Brown

Since ancient times, Art has been a way to express yourself, and show your love not only for the things you draw, but for the art.

“It’s a way to get your emotions out,” said Senior Brooklyn Niederer.

Niederer is the president of the art club here at MHS. Her passion for art came around sixth grade.

“It was just something I was good at, and I really liked being good at something,” said Niederer

Regardless the amount of skill you have in the artistic area, you can still love art.

Art Teacher Mr. Lauritsen said, “You can like art, and not be good at art. There’s a lot of people who major in Art History, and they don’t even know how to draw.”

The art club exists for obvious reasons, that a lot of High schoolers love to draw, but Lauritsen has other ideas in mind.

“I wanna draw in kids who have something in common together. So they can get to know each other, and build friendships. That’s probably the main reason,” said Lauritsen.
At their first meeting, 50 members came, which is fantastic that so many students are interested in art.

“I think there’s a need for people to belong to something that we offer,” said Lauritsen.
They are going on a field trip in April for those members who have attended meetings regularly. The art club is staying in Salt lake over night, and going to museums.
The art club is for everyone, and anyone wanting to join. Art is a different language all its own.
The art club is getting together Thursday October 27th, for a Halloween party at lunch, so, whether you are a Dicaprio or not, I encourage you to join the art club.


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