Manleader vs Cheerleader

by Alexis Navarrette and Brooke Hammond

Girls aren’t the only one who swap places for the powder puff game.

Boys get a taste of what it’s like to stand in front of a large crowd and be a cheerleader for a day and cheerleaders get to coach. Both sides gave their opinions on what the experience was like.

Senior Kayla Horne, was the coach for the manleaders last year.

’’My favorite thing about coaching is helping people and seeing them accomplish something,’’ Horne said.

Manleading can be such a fun experience for the boys who are brave enough to do it.

“I wanted to be a manleader, because it was a lot of fun and we got to do lots of cool tricks.” said Senior Peyton Johnson.

Man leading isn’t always fun and games, sometimes it can get a bit nerve racking.

” It’s a little intimidating, especially if you do not know the routine but it is a lot of fun,” said Johnson.

The powderpuff game is always entertaining and fun to watch. Make sure you go out and support this year’s manleaders on Wednesday, September 14th at Ferguson Field.


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