Views by Drake: Album Review

Review by: Kaden Severn

Popular Rapper/Singer Drake released his newest album entitled Views on Thursday, April, 29. This album has been highly anticipated by rap fans for almost 3 years, ever since the release of his previous album in 2013. Many Drake fans agree that this album was well worth the wait.  Many students from our very own Madison High School have been found to enjoy the music of Drizzy.

“Drake’s album definitely lived up to the hype. The lyrics are fantastic and deep, the beats are smooth, and there are just some songs on there that are just straight fire,” Senior Brian Harris said.

Although the wait for Views has been long, fans like Harris haven’t been completely Drake-less. Drake has kept his fans desire for new music somewhat held off  with the mixtape titled If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and a surprise collaboration album with Future called What A Time To Be Alive. Both of these projects were released in 2015 but weren’t complete albums.

Views features 19 songs with the radio smash hit Hotline Bling added as a bonus track.

“My favorite song has got to be Still Here, it’s hype!” Harris said.

Drake’s album has most definitely lived up to its expectations. This album is full of the deep songs that get you in the feels, like songs on Take Care. However, it also touches on Drake’s superstardom and how he’s taken over the game. This side of Drake has only surfaced in recent years and this style is one that his newer fans know him by. He also made sure to sneak in some Meek Mill disses. All-in-all this album was amazing, Views really told the story of Drake’s journey in the rap game and his love for his hometown city of Toronto.
Even those that aren’t fans of the Canadian native rapper need to give this album a listen. You won’t be disappointed.


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