Time to Pardis

AP Stats class Skypes the “Rollingblading Rock Star Scientist of Harvard”, Pardis Sabeti

Story by: Natalie TannerIMG_0594.JPG

One of Time’s 2015 Most Influential Persons of the Year, Pardis (pronounced “party”) Sabeti, skyped the AP Statistics class.

Sabeti studied biology at MIT, was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, got her MD at Harvard, records music with her band, researched Ebola in Africa, teaches at Harvard, and rollerblades. She also hosts the videos all statistics students watch in class.

After Senior Carter Geddes emailed Sabeti, she agreed to Skype with the class.

Sabeti proved to be very down to earth and had a strong sense of humor. She helped students understand that the things they’re learning can apply to the real world.

“In any field, people have to use [statistics]. If ever want to say one thing’s more true than another, you need to understand what you’re talking about,” said Sabeti.

She shared one of her keys to success with the class.

“I was kind of a real goofball through school and always and my lab continues to be kind of silly. And I think that, to be honest, that’s one of my keys to success,” said Sabeti.

Sabeti didn’t just talk about her life as a scientist. She discussed her favorite music with Senior Shayla Babcock.

“The bands that always come back to be are Nine Inch Nails, MGMT, Frightened Rabbit; it’s a mixed bag… I’ve been working on an album so sometimes I stop listening to music and just do my own stuff,” said Sabeti.

Sabeti had an audience of 44 students, who all gained something from the experience, whether it be about actual academics or life in general.

“It was such a great opportunity to see someone actually doing what we’re learning in class,” said Mrs. Palmer, the AP Statistics teacher.

Mrs. Palmer plans on having a conference with Sabeti every year with her math students in the future.


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