Going to state?

Is there a possibility of the boys basketball team going to state?

By: Hailey Berry  

To make it to state, the basketball team needs to beat their 5A conference rivals to play basketball in Boise, Idaho for a possibility at the state championship title.

The coaches hope to be able to go to the state championship and win the state trophy this year because we haven’t won since 2011.

It is too early to say that we are going to state for basketball. We have played three conference games and still have seven games to play in our conference. We have played 11 games so far with only one loss.

“We are very worried about Idaho Falls because they beat Highland by a few points,” said Coach Bill Hawkins.

Our biggest rivals are Idaho Falls High, Highland High, and Skyline High School.They are very talented and Skyline has knocked us out of districts for the past two years.

We finally beat them for the first time 57- 54, for the first time in 5 years, at Skyline. Hillcrest is the next competitor we are worried about.

“What makes our boys different from other basketball teams, is that they’re all very skilled and contributed to the team,” said Hawkins. On any given night Hawkins can’t tell who the top 2 players that score will be.

They are very talented and very coachable. Most of the players have played basketball ever since they were little. They will do anything that is asked and work hard at it.

“There is alway room for more improvement and I love coaching my basketball players,”said Hawkins.

The Madison Bobcats have a strong support system and are very competitive. They will have a very challenging basketball year.

Go and support the team at Madison High School!


Game Attendance

By: Ethan Meeker 

Game attendance is a very important aspect of sports. Getting everyone excited about watching the game can give a lot of motivation to the team. Our gym can seat a total of 2,400 people. The two biggest games of the year can fill all of the gym seating, however normal game attendance fills about 1,600 seats.

“Our game attendance is the biggest in our conference.” said athletic director Erick Wills. With the possibility of our team going to state this year game attendance is sure to grow.


Picture By: mckennamanwaring.wordpress.com


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