A Legacy Continued

MHS hires Travis Schwab as new Boys’ Basketball coach after Coach Hawkins’ Retirement

By Hannah Bennett, Rachel Balls, and Madi Burrell

Former assistant coach Travis Schwab has been hired as the new Boys’ Basketball main coach.

After 29 year of being the head coach of the Boys’ Basketball Team, Coach Bill Hawkins is tossing in the towel, and Schwab will be taking on the task of being the new main coach.

“I am so excited! LIke seriously just now we met with the players, and I wish it was starting today,” Schwab said.

Traivs Schwab
Photo by MSD 321

The hiring process of the new boys basketball team was not an easy task. To qualify, there were many different requirements.

“It was hard, and it has been a long 2 months,” Schwab said.

Schwab still wants to have a goal of not only improving the team’s skills as a team, but also preparing them for life.

“That’s still going to be our ultimate goal is helping these young men to become the best young men that they can be,” Schwab said.

The team got together for a meeting earlier this week and they discussed how next year was going to look. It’s going to be a lot different than what it was.

“We’re excited. There’s going to be a lot of change and so it’s going to be different. We will be able to have a lot more fun with playing,” Junior Joseph Dougherty said.



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