Who Wants $4,000 Dollars?

The State board of Education implements a program that gives Junior High and High school students an opportunity at extra money for college and overload classes.

by Bryson Berrett and Keegan Andrus

A $4125 advanced opportunity was implemented this year that is used for college and overload classes at MHS.

“Kids are able to use that money for Dual Credit classes or AP tests or Overload courses, um yeah so all of that is paid for by the state and there allocated that money when they’re, not even in high school but um yeah it’s available to every student. There’s no minimum age they just have to be ready and approved by their counselor. Not exactly all of them we usually go through CSI CWI or ISU but we do cover ones that are through byui, not all of them are covered but for the most part they are,” Advanced Opportunities Counselor Malia Perry said.


Senior students work hard in AP college course. Photo by Keegan Andrus

Not only are the advanced opportunity funds useful for students, but they allot a large amount of money to students if they choose to use it.

“Through advanced opportunities there is a 4125 per student to pay for college credit if you are a high school student in the state of Idaho, potentially even a Junior High student grades 7-12 they have $4125 that is expandable to help pay for college credit,” Counselor Mr. Jones said.


MHS student counsel Mr.Jones Photo by Bryson Berrett

Senior students that have taken courses that fit under the requirements have felt left out because it’s too late to take more courses due to their graduation.
“I think it’s kind of stupid that I didn’t have the opportunity, that it wasn’t in earlier, and also I think that they can totally use these programs that if the people don’t use that money it actually gets used for something I mean I’ve been taking AP and Dual credit and other courses all the way through up and I’ve had to pay for it myself,” Senior Jackson Stokes said.


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