MHS Girls Bracelets of Encouragement Helps Win Districts

By Kenzie Parker,Tenya Avila, Rachel Morrin

This year MHS varsity girls basketball team received bracelets for districts. The bracelets say, “you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”.

The bracelet the varsity girls basketball team received before winning the 2017 district tournament



“Every year coach just gives us something to start off districts and help us remember our goal.” Junior Hannah Wilson said.

The varsity girls basketball team received the bracelets to help them stay confident during districts and state.

“It is just mind over matter. You are what you tell yourself. You can do so much more than you believe that you can so if you can just have confidence in your abilities on the court then you will just be surprised on how well you can do.” Senior Madi Day said.

This year the varsity girls basketball team has been performing very well in their games. Winning districts is not an easy feat but through consistent hard work and determination the girls were able to become district champions.

“We have all practiced really hard and not messed around in practice, we listen to our coach because she knows what is best for us.” Junior Brielle Hammond said.

The team has worked really hard this year to get to where they are now. The girls are friends on and off the court; their teamwork together has played a big role in their successful season.

“Normally with the team there are cliques, but this year we all just get along together.” Senior Jasmine Delgado said.


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