MHS Students Celebrate Bizarre Holidays


by: Lexie Schwab and Justin Edwards

Big holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s day are great, but filling in the gaps between them can be even better. There are loads of other fun holidays you can celebrate.

Senior Kaden Craner has one particular memory about a strange holiday.

“On June 13 there’s a national gecko/lizard day. My teacher in second grade had this lizard and she invited us to go to the park to play with her lizard. It was on a leash, sorta weird. It was a sweet lizard though,” Craner said.

It does seem a little bit odd to celebrate lizards, but not for reptile lovers. A lot of holidays just celebrate things that people love, such as holidays dedicated to pets or celebrating poetry.

Senior Spencer Lee celebrates some holidays that people here in the states might not even know about.

“My favorite National Holiday in Korea is called Children’s day, where basically the children take the role of adults and get all the power. There’s also Korean Independence day and our neighbors don’t like when we light fireworks on August 15th,” Lee said.

Here are some upcoming holidays:

  • National eat ice cream for breakfast day – Feb 4
  • Wave all your fingers at your neighbor day – Feb 7
  • National pizza day – Feb 9
  • Make a friend day – Feb 11

There’s also an upcoming holiday that’s always celebrated at MHS by the math department.

“National pi day is coming up pretty soon! On March 14 because it’s 3-14. You can ask your math teachers about what we’ll be doing to celebrate it,” Mrs. Palmer said.


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