Bobcats take the Victory

By: Genna Waldron

from Sports Journalism

The Madison boys basketball team earned yet another victory! The Rigby Trojans came to Madison High School gymnasium trying to defeat the Bobcats, Madison came out winning 72-37

The Trojans won the opening tip off. Both teams started out slow, trying to make a basket. Finally Madison made two free throws.

“The first half we didn’t do a very good job, we turned the ball over a little bit on the first half that kinda hurt us,” said Senior Konner Jackson.

By the end of the first quarter the boys were trying to keep the win with a 4-point lead. The student section cheered loud for the players, as their rivals would steal the ball. The Bobcats would get the ball back and score, or foul and get a “hoot baller” from the student section. Madison started the second quarter with scoring a 2-pointer. The ball went back to Rigby and scoring.

Jackson said, “The worst thing defensively I let my man score on me too much.”  

Eventually Nathan Webb got the ball back and scored another point again.

“As a team I think we responded really well, the first quarter was kinda slow for us, made some mistakes defensively but came together as a team second half,” Jackson said.By halftime, the Bobcats had a 10-point lead, 35-25.

The Bobcats started the third quarter with the ball, and scored by Jackson. In the third quarter, Madison scored 10 times all together.

“I’d say we just played well as a team we passed the ball, found the open hand, got good shots.” said Konner Jackson.

The third quarter went well with Madison taking the lead, 56-33.  

During the fourth quarter, Justin Weiszhaar fell and hurt his back with only 1:20 left of the game making the team and the spectators nervous and worried, as they backboarded him out of the gym.

Later, Nathan Webb pulled a classic 3-pointer, helping the team to the victory. With two more 2-pointers the game came to an ended with a 35-point lead. Winning the rivalry game, and having a 10-.1

“Overall I think we did alright,” said Jackson.

The team all worked hard together, from passing the ball to finding the open hand. Leading Madison to another 5A victory! Madison will be playing their next game at Blackfoot.



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