Los Locos Churreria

Local Churro Shop opens for business

by Madison Burrell, Kayla Horne and Natalie Fullmer

Guadalupe Adams and her family love the churros from Mexico. Her husband, Nathanael Adams, came up with the idea to open their own churro shop. With the savings that they had, they started their business.

“The first time we went to Sams [Club] here, I saw a picture of a churro at Sams [Club]. And I was like oh my mouth is watering. I tried a churro and found out that it was baked instead of fried and didn’t taste the same so I lost my appetite for the churros. When I was in Mexico I had a lot of churros there, and we couldn’t find another place like it,” Adams said.

When the Adams family lived in Mexico, there was a churro shop that they went to. In the shop the churros were fried and had different kinds of fillings inside of them. They liked them so much that they wanted to recreate this for their own business.


A young boy smiles as he eats his churro Courtesy of Kayla Horne

“See I had some savings and Nathanael had some savings too because we wanted to have a vacation time this Christmas,” Adams said.

They decided to put their savings towards their new business instead of taking their vacation. They didn’t know how everything was going to turn out, but they kept going.

“December 8 we opened without knowing what to expect but you guys have a teacher who is amazing. We asked the students ‘how do you guys know we just opened today?’ and they said, ‘Mr. Parker sent us here to try the churros.’” Adams said.


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