Passion Leads to Excellence

by Matt Bolingbroke

Sports Journalism

If there is one person that is extremely passionate about their school, it’s Kolby Mumm.

Kolby is a senior at Madison High School.

He has excelled in football and baseball, as well as being a student section leader during the basketball season.

Like many great athletes and fans, Kolby is very superstitious.

In fact Mumm is known as one of the most superstitious students at Madison High School.

A lot of Kolby’s superstition came from playing football.

In his senior season the superstition came to an all time high.

In the first game Kolby decided to not wear a shirt under his football pads, because of the heat of the day.

The team was able to win the game and thus it started a tradition for Kolby.

He decided to not wear a shirt under his pads for the rest of the year.

This decision was quite the challenge for Kolby as the season got farther along, and the weather got colder and colder.

However, Kolby went through with his decision until the football season was over.

He applies this same perseverance and superstition to being a student section leader.

“If we win, I want to wear the same clothes the next game,” Kolby said. “ I also wear my newly acquired chain for good luck.”

Kolby enjoys his role as a student section leader.

“I definitely take pride in leading the student section,” Kolby said. “ It is part of my responsibility as a student-athlete.”

Kolby takes his great attitude and energy and applies them to cheering at the basketball games.

A fellow student section member, Tanner Geddes, said the reason for Kolby’s ability to lead the student section is because “he is a very charismatic and confident leader.”

When asked about his favorite part of being in the student section, Kolby said, “I love the energy that we are able to bring to the team and the crowd as a whole.”

He believes that the student section can play a part in helping the basketball team succeed.

Kolby has set goals to succeed as a student section leader.

“My main goal is make it to all the games,” Kolby said, “and to be loud and creative at all times.”

So far Kolby is impressed with the work the student section has been able to accomplish, and he hopes that they are able to maintain their energy throughout the whole season.


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