One of Madison Bobcats Biggest Fan

by: Zack Walker

Sports Journalism

Alex Perdue feels very strongly about all of the sports that the Madison Bobcats play. But the sport that sticks out to him more than any of the others is basketball.

Ever since Perdue was a young kid dribbling a ball and draining buckets has always appealed to him. He enjoyed going to his church’s gym and could play all night. Even to this day he still enjoys going to his old church with  a few of his childhood friends to play the sport they all enjoy so dearly.

With all this being said, you can count on this super fan to be at every home game the Madison Bobcats will have this winter.

“I’ve always loved this game, it’s found a special place in my heart, that’s why I enjoy supporting my schools team so much,” Perdue said.

He says the first game he went to Madison played against Borah was his favorite one this year to watch. He always dresses in as much red as he can before the game to support Madison.

“Watching Madison defend their home turf and stomp them in their first game of the season was awesome,” Perdue said.

The only reason that he has never tried out for the team is because he just wouldn’t have the time to put in all the practices and go to the away games with the job he has. Alex works at Rexburg Motorsports where he works every day from 12:30 to 6:00.

Another challenge he faces is taking care of his 1 year-old German Shepherd Shelby. Big dogs like Shelby require a lot of attention and working a part-time job and needing to take care of a large young dog would be to much to try.

His desire to stay tuned to the sport in his school he has such a passion for is such a great priority to have. Overall, Alex is in it to the end with Madison.

“I love the school I go to and all the sports that come with it,” Perdue said.


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