Madison’s Baseball Is Headed In a New Direction

A preview of the MHS baseball team

Story by: Derek Crawford 

Madison’s baseball team has has seen many changes this past year that could ultimately affect this upcoming season, and could hopefully affect those at Madison. They are no longer going to Boise to start off the season, or have the same coaching style that the Madison Bobcats have grown accustomed to over the past few years.

Madison has grown to become one of the more dominate schoos in Idaho, and the team wants to improve even more. Last year, the Bobcats had a decent year going 14­-11 in the regular season, but ultimately falling to the Hillcrest Knights in the district tournament. Most of the fans at Madison are looking forward to a change in the coaching staff, and surprising changes in the schedule to almost guarantee improvements from previous years.

Head coach Art Morales has already scheduled for the varsity team to travel all the way down to Arizona in early April to the professional spring training fields to learn from and watch the best in the game. “Overall I want the boys to see how a professional team looks like, and to have the ability to compete with teams from different states,” said Morales “A lot of these boys can go on to play in the next level so if this can help get them exposure, then let’s do it.” Many college scouts will make appearances at the Bobcats games to increase chances of playing after high school.

“The only time our players would get looked at was in the Boise,” said former head coach Luke Mecham, “That needs to change. I want colleges to come over here and watch them play.”

Hayden Leatham and Briggs Neff are some of the players who are definitely going to be benefited from this trip to Arizona. Leathem plays shortstop and pitches from time to time has become the power hitter for the Bobcats and Neff is a starting pitcher as well as a power hitter. Both of them are very active in camps and showcases around the U,S, but to have scouts willingly watch them play in game is a completely different atmosphere. “Playing all over is amazing, and to have want to look at me while I am with my team is going to be so so much better for everyone,” said Neff.

Madison is looking to really put players out there for scouts to see, and overall improve to have a chance at making it to state, and hopefully have some Bobcats play well after high school.


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