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The Madison Bobcats crush the Bonneville bees  63-28 in Rexburg, on January 26. Their second win over Bonneville this season. Leading the whole first and second half the Bobcats kept the scoreboard changing. Crucial turnovers from Bonneville during the first quarter lead to the early lead for Madison and they took it all the way. Throughout the third quarter, Madison had a drive of 10 points in a row, and in the fourth quarter the Bobcat defense shut down the Bees. The Bobcats forced 21 turnovers in the game, with Bonneville forcing 6 turnovers. During a forced turnover from Madison, followed by a three-point shot by Spencer Hathaway, to start a 7 point run for the Bobcats, the crowd went crazy. Madisons head coach, Travis Schwab said: “ the boys' defense was so so good.” Bonneville's longest drive was only four points, and they didn't score in the fourth quarter.

Key players for the Bobcats and the Bees, Dillon Sorensen, a 6’ 5” W/P from Bonneville scored 12 points, leading the team in points scored. And Joe Dougherty, at 6’ 3” from Madison also scored a total of 12 points. Both players caused trouble in the paint for the other's team. Here shows a picture of Joe when driving for the shot.  

The starting line up for Bonneville in the first half include Random Hostert, Dillon Sorensen, Gerohm Rihari, Trey howell, and Jamison Trane. For the Bobcats, Jaden Schwab, Brigham Williams, Jordan Porter, Joe Dougherty, and Spencer Hathaway. Starting the first quarter with a bang the Bobcats forced five turnovers, and only allowing 2 to slip away from them. The Bees returning the score almost every time, but again crucial turnovers cost them points, and they weren't able to recover from them. The second quarter the Bobcats pulled away from bonneville and continued to gain points. Later leading the Bees by 28 points. With the last quarter remaining, Bonneville tried to rally but wasn't able to get a basket in. And the Final score was 63-28. At the end of the game Schwab said “ I am happy that all the boys scored”, and he was proud of their defence tonight. There next game will be against Rigby, Trotioans, at Rigby.     

Jonathan Hunt, Sports Writer

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