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The Complex Journey

by: Hailey Berry

New additions soon to expand Madison High School extra curricular programs, which will allow the students to further experience new sports and activities.

Erick Wills hopes to get a bond of 12-15 million dollars. A bond in Idaho requires a 66 percent vote from the community to pass.
“If we get a bond, I would like to get the whole complex done in a year and a half, before our sophomores of 2015 -2016 graduate in 2018,” said Wills.

If we receive a levy, it would take up to 12 years to build a complex. The complex will be built to fit all sports, consisting of; a turf football field, cross country track, soccer field, two baseball/softball field, a track, seven practice fields, new auxiliary gym and indoor/outdoor tennis courts.

School Plans

School Plans 2

The complex could run into trouble with the parents, and Wills struggled with what to build first. Building the complex will be a step by step process, starting with the parking lots. Wills is hoping to open the complex in the next 5-8 years. He proposed the idea to the city council and they approved the building material, but they won’t be able to start building until the community approves a bond or a levy.


By: Corbet Adams

The beauty about this project is that it will drastically help our sports team’s exercises that go on before and after school. One of our biggest issues we’re dealing with right now, is that our teams need to go to the other side of town to get a location to practice. Athletes fight for locations all the time, because there is always someone else who needs the space or equipment. Our football team needs to practice drills, so they take the field over by the Junior High. But the baseball team also needs that area for practice, so they are moved to the makeshift field at the high school. Now the soccer team needs a place, but where’s the best spot for them? It doesn’t stop here, and this problem only gets worse and worse.

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