Why Don’t Students at MHS Read Bobcat Beat?


Photo by Ashley Schmidt

Payton Humphreys

Emily Palafox, Bobcat Beat Staff

At MHS, there is an online newspaper called Bobcat Beat that has many stories about various topics. Along with the online newspaper there’s also a class. Not very many students read the articles on the website or even know about it. 


Addison Palmer, a Senior at Madison High School, is one of the students who doesn’t really read it very much.

“I think it’s because most of the time, the things that are being written about, are things we already know, or just something we don’t care about,” Palmer said.


Palmer likes seeing stories about specific students at MHS.

“I like seeing stories about the students at our school, like spotlights on them because I feel like it helps bring people together when they see students with similar interests or hobbies,” Palmer said.


Bobcat Beat has a website that Palmer has only visited it a couple of times, but she took the Bobcat Beat class.

“I took the class so I kinda had to visit the website. I would read some of the articles sometimes too,” Palmer said. 


Palmer has some mixed feelings about having a physical newspaper instead of an online one.

“I think having a physical newspaper would make it more accessible for more students to get to. But also how many students would actually pick one up and read it? I have no clue,” Palmer said. 


Payton Humphreys, a Senior at MHS, hasn’t really read any of the stories on Bobcat Beat.

“I feel that students don’t read Bobcat Beat because the topics may not be of interest to them. People only read things that apply to them and what they find fits them best. A lot of students may not know about it and what it talks about as well. I think that if it had topics that spoke to the students and allowed them to be updated on things happening, more students would read it,” Humhreys said.


Since Humphreys is a senior, she wants to see more stories involving school activities.

“I would like to see more about school activities or things involving seniors! I feel like that would benefit a lot of students,” Humphreys said.


Along with Palmer, Humphreys doesn’t know if more students would read the newspaper if it wasn’t online.

“Maybe yes, maybe no. Each student is different and it affects them differently than other students,” Humphreys said.

While not very many students look at Bobcat Beat, there are many interesting stories on the website that might catch your attention. So check it out!

Addison Palmer (Photo by Kendra Sutton)