Kayson Smith , Bobcat Beat Staff

Most people know that October is often a spooky time. What they may not know is that here at Madison High School, we have some students who experienced a rather spooky event.

Juniors, Kent Palmer, James Christopherson, Josh Malm, and Nick Hodgson, and Sophomores Joel Hathaway and Harry Brewer were supposedly in a haunted hotel room together.

“The story of 208 begins at Youth Conference. We went to a hotel in Utah. The room number was 208. We were just chilling, going to bed and my friend Joel started playing with the lights. Then the power goes out in the hotel room. And we’re like, ok that’s kinda creepy,” Palmer said.

Palmer isn’t the only one who can testify of the strange occurrences of that night.

“We decided to look out the window, and we saw a man stretching on a light post. This man was, T-Posing. It scared us. And for some reason we named the guy Hobbs,” Hathaway said.

According to Ricks, Hobbs was able to take the power out of any light pole.

“After he stretched on each [lamp post] they turned off every time. And then when he finished stretching he looked straight at them and walked into the hotel,” Ricks said.

As if the lights flickering on and off wasn’t enough for these boys, the phone started having problems.

“Our friend called [the hotel] and there was no response, and so we’re freaking out again. And so I’m like, ok guys we need to all calm down. And at that moment the phone rang. But no answer,” Palmer said.

The night in the hotel room was definitely very memorable. However, occurrences of 208 and flashing lights didn’t stop there.

“My friend was on a road trip once and he sent me a picture of a corn field or something like that, and it happened to have mile marker 208 in it,” Ricks said.

“Our spanish teacher had her computer plugged into port 208, and the lights were always flashing in that class,” Palmer said.

“There was one time when I was at a football game, and the moment that the clock got to 2:08, the scoreboard went completely black,” Ricks said.

“The first time I ever walked into Room 208 of the High School, half of the lights blacked out and no one could figure out why.”

Having counted 208 to be the most popular room number for rooms at the high school, you better be cautious of flashing lights. 

“208 is no coincidence,” Ricks said.