MHS Students Dazzle Rexburg with End of the year Art Show

By Keegan Andrus and Bryson Berrett

At the end of year art show, students show off their art to dazzle the community.

Students share their opinions on the art show and tell how the art show affects the students.

“People want to see your stuff, there was a lot of people there and they wanted to see everything there so don’t be afraid to put your stuff in the show,” Senior Hayley Stoddard said.

Students tell why the art show is such a great experience for students and the community. They go in depth and tell how it also affects their families.

Students enter ceramics into art show to dazzle rexburg. Courtesy photo by: Lyric Evans

“I think the art show is a very positive experience for students to get there stuff looked at, and earn some gratitude for their hard work, and for their parents to see the hard work they are putting into the class,” Junior Korryn Gulley said.

Students share their opinions on the art and how the students are affected in the classroom.
“I like the drawings and paintings because I’m not artistic and just seeing what Mr. Lauritsen can do with the kids to make them artistic is pretty amazing,” Junior Carson Meredith said.


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