Project Citizen: Lack of Communication

by Madison Burrell and Rachel Balls

An important way students at MHS get involved in the community each year is by completing  project citizen their senior year.

Students are required to come up with an idea to make the community better. They spent numerous hours to come up with solutions. Then they had to present in front of judges and peers.

“I think that it’s a learning experience so there’s definitely things to learn from,” Miss Jacobson said.

Seniors Sonnet Dummar, Tsia Farr, Makenzie Lee, Brynna Layton and Megan Chidester recognized the problem with lack of communication among teens.

“We noticed in our class even while doing like the project citizen like kids would be on their phone. They weren’t really communicating, and like in the halls people would just like not communicate because there are either too much people in the halls or there’s just like nowhere to communicate,” Senior Makenzie Lee said.

To fix this problem, the seniors came up with the idea to have a designated area for teens to hangout and socialize.

“Our solution was that we would be able to, once a month have get-togethers here at the school and hang out and have fun depends on the activity that we planned. And we would have food, and we would have music, and activities to do so that people could just hang out and actually have something to do,” Senior Tsia Farr said.



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