MHS Softball Recognizes Seniors

By Rachel Balls and Madison Burrell

A tradition continues this year as the MHS softball recognizes their senior players with the annual Senior Night.

“It was really exciting. It felt like more of a celebration than it was mourning the loss of the seniors just like a celebrations of us, and I think we are all pretty happy about it,” Senior Natalie Fullmer said.

Every year at the last home game of the season, the softball team takes time to recognize the graduating seniors before the game starts.

“We beat Boneville 7-4, which was a good win. We recognize our seniors that we have and just to go over their season and what their plans are later in life,” Senior Kasei Keck said.

The girls can all agree that, while they’re sad to be moving on, senior night was a good way to transition into the next part of their life.

“It’s like a way to have us move on to the next chapter of our life. It was nice because now I am ready to move on,” Senior Saige Riley said.



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