Is Dr. Thomas Leaving MSD?!

Dr. Thomas has applied for the Nampa School District’s superintendent job.

by: Cassi Johnson

Five semifinalists are looking to replace Nampa, Idaho’s superintendent, including our superintendent Dr. Thomas. The five semifinalists will be interviewed at the Nampa district office on May 5. Trustees, community members, district representatives, parents, and students will conduct the interviews. Trustees will narrow the field and hold final interviews on May 8.

Dr. Thomas is more than qualified for the job in Nampa. 

My applying for this Nampa position I think it is indicative, when you see something out there that might present a great opportunity for you, go ahead and try. I think for all students as you go out into the world of work and college, it might be new and it might give you some anxiety, it might make you anxious and nervous but nothing ventured nothing gained. That is the beauty of the United States. We can try and stretch ourselves and grow professionally and try new ventures.  Dr. Thomas .

“I can provide steady, capable leadership and be there for the long term as well,” Dr. Thomas said.

Dr. Thomas has been the Superintendent of Madison School District 321 since July 1, 2001. He loves the Madison School District and has many proud moments here.

“The thing I am most proud of as a district is when we had the recession, we didn’t lay off a single employee we kept everybody working. It was a collective effort and we all took salary cuts but we worked together to keep the district running and in good operating condition. I am very very proud of that,” Dr. Thomas said.

Having Dr. Thomas around the schools has allowed him to get to know students. He gave some  advice as MHS to remember to always pursue our dreams.

“When you see something out there that might present a great opportunity for you, go ahead and try,” Dr. Thomas said. “If it doesn’t work out, I love Rexburg and I love the district. I really enjoy working with the school board, so that would be fine too.”


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