If You See Something, Say Something.

MHS Bobcat Beat addresses Suicide

By: Rachel Balls and Madison Burrell

In light of recent events, MHS would like to express condolences to Rigby High School. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the students involved in these tragedies.

Students at MHS, if you are struggling to deal with this, please consider talking to the school counselors and using other resources we have at the high school. The counselors doors are always open to you and our friends at Madison Cares would love to help, too. You can reach an employee there by calling (208) 359-1256.

An important part of helping those who are contemplating suicide is recognizing the signs. Whether it is a verbal or nonverbal sign recognizing warnings is vital. You can read more about some warning signs at this website http://www.spanidaho.org/warning-signs.

The most important thing you can do if someone you know is displaying signs of hurting themselves is tell someone. Many people are afraid to tell someone or get an adult’s help because of how the person in need of help will react. While they may be mad at you for some time, it’s better to have your friend alive and hate you than dead. Tell a school counselor, a trusted teacher, or use the many resources we have available here at Madison to help save a life.

Telling someone is not the only way you can help prevent suicide. Showing someone that you care could impact them more than you think. Be a friend to everyone, and be kind to everyone. Remind those that are having a hard time that there are other solutions to things they’re dealing with, and encouraging them to talk with a trusted adult can also help. You have the ability to help someone and change their life.  

To all those struggling with thoughts of suicide, there is help. Suicide is not the answer. Every life matters, including yours.

Here are some resources if you or someone you know might be struggling with suicide:



Text ‘MATTERS’ to 741741

(208) 359-1256 Madison Cares



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