From ‘Pit Boss’ to Police Officer

MHS Resource Officer Boivie discusses his life and career.

by Nohea Jensen


There are many careers in law enforcement that are exciting and chaotic but our resource officer at MHS has something to say about being a cop in Madison County.  

There are always times in every city were a cop can go from having a slow, quiet day to having a dramatic situation that picks up the pace.

“It’s one of those really weird jobs were even when it’s slow you always have to be ready to have something big happen,” Officer Boivie said.

Officer Boivie works in his office at the school.
Photo by Hannah Bennett

You have to be ready for whatever calls you get, the situations are all very different.

“You can be driving around on a Sunday and nothing’s gone on, you’ve made a couple traffic stops, and all the sudden you get called in on an in fight domestic with weapons involved,” Boivie said.

On top of all the hectic and non hectic situations that a cop handles, the hours are also very different.

Little known fact: Boivie worked in a casino in Las Vegas for 8 years as a Box man. He sat at the dice tables and caught the people trying to cheat.

“You always work weird hours, you’re always working holidays, weekends, nights. Like in the school I have normal hours but back when I’m on patrol we have three shifts. We have a 6 a.m to a 6 p.m, we have a 3 in the afternoon till 3 in the morning and then we have a 6 at night to 6 in the morning shift,” Boivie said.


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