The Faculty Fears the High School Horrors

Students and teachers at MHS open up about their fears

by: Keegan Andrus and Ethan Fisher

There are a lot of fears circulating at MHS. Students share their opinions on some of the worst fears they face.

“I’m really afraid of the dark, I can’t turn off my own light. My dad has to turn off my light when I go to bed because I’m afraid of the dark,” Sophomore Ozzy Niederer said.

Most fears are common but some fears are very unique.

“Heights,” Junior Jarom Barnes said.  

“I have a fear of my engine check light turning on in my car,” Sophomore Matthew Sehiff said.

Some of the most common fears are fears of animals. These fears range from mammals to reptiles.

“Snakes,” Senior Lyric Evans and Junior Erica Anderson said.


“Bees,” Junior Madeleine Bressler said.

Other people face fears that are rare and based on myths.

“My biggest fear is the chupacabra man that thing is legendary, it’s a monster man half goat half dog thingy down in mexico where he eats cabras, which is like goats but it could eat you alive man,” Junior Jose Perez said.


by: Nohea Jensen and Megan Wood

There are many fears surrounding MHS but it has always been anonymous about what the faculty actually fears themselves.

Some teachers have physical fears like objects or things.

“My biggest fear would be clowns. If I saw a clown I would probably punch it in the face,” Mrs. Wetzel, the secretary in office said.

Mr. Klassan also has a physical fear of objects or things, “I hate snakes, it [the size] doesn’t matter. I scream like a little girl when I see snakes.”

image1 (1)

Other members of the faculty have fears of potential events that could happen.

“My biggest fear would be if something would happen to my family; my wife, my kids. Not many fears for myself, except teenage drivers,” Mr. Reeser said.

For some, many have nightmares about their biggest fears coming to life.
“My biggest fear would be not being prepared for the first day of school. Cause I even have nightmares in the summer that I come into the first day of class and I don’t have anything copied and have no idea what I’m teaching and the kids have no idea what they’re doing,” Mrs. NyKamp said.


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