MHS BPA Spring Basketball Fundraiser

by Fabian Komberg and Madison Burrell

On Monday, April 24, MHS BPA will be having a spring basketball fundraiser. During which students will have the opportunity to shave some of Senior Justin Weiszhaar’s head.

It cost $4 per ticket, and if you retweet the picture on twitter that Madison BPA has posted it will only be $3. If you want to shave Justin Weiszhaar’s head, you shoot to shave, and that is $5.

“There is many different rec ball teams in Madison. We all need to see who is the best. So Klassen has gotten BPA together and we are doing a big tournament to actually see who it is,” Senior Cameron Airth said.

With many different Rec Ball teams at MHS, it gives the students and players an opportunity for another form of competition.

An Ad for the fundraiser

“From what I understand it’s just getting all the rec ball teams from this last year, the people that love basketball but weren’t on a team, and I guess Klassen just wants to make money off watching a bunch of bad basketball. It’s just city league stuff. Rexburg doesn’t have one but it is in Idaho Falls, just a basketball tournament, and you go play for fun,” Senior Isaac Daybell said.

On Monday, April 24, come out and see our rec teams play against each other. And see Justin Weishaar get his head shaved. All the money raised will go and support our MHS BPA.

“We are giving them an opportunity to play, and settle it once and for all. It’s going to be a fun tournament. I want everybody to come watch them play. We have 6 games. They are each 7 minute halves. We don’t want it super long,” Mr. Klassen said.



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