Gentile Gone for Good?

Mr. Gentile goes to the Jr. High after the end of the school year.

by: Rachel Balls and Bryson Berrett

At the end of this school year, Vice Principal Mr. Gentile will be transferring to the Jr. High. Students were disappointed to learn that he won’t be staying at the High School.

“He’s just there for everyone, and cares about everyone, not just him individually,” Junior Moki Jensen said.

Junior Kaleb Christensen said he feels many students will miss Mr. Gentile when he transfers.

“He’s just so awesome, he’s so happy all the time and he always makes my day,” Christensen said.

image3 2.JPG

Many MHS students know that Mr. Gentile is leaving next year, but not many students know why.

“My favorite thing is interacting with students, but every other aspect of the job is horrible. My main thing was I just felt overworked, stressed out, and worried a lot of this year. I don’t know how I can last like that in a job,” Mr. Gentile said.

Mr. Gentile is also saddened by the fact he will be leaving the students and faculty of MHS.

“The students are so funny here, everyday I crack up at the things the students do and the interaction I have with the students is so fun. I seriously consider you [the students] my friends and that’s my absolute favorite part. Right in line with that, is the faculty here is great, they’re so into their craft. I love the students, the faculty, and that’s the best part,” Mr. Gentile said.

He wants to be remembered as someone who made a difference in everyone’s lives.

“I always go for the memory, I just want them to remember me like, he was an uplifting person, who liked me and cared about me. Everyone in your life, you won’t remember exact words they say, you just remember how you felt. So that’s hopefully what people remember me for, someone who cared about them, did them right, and loved them,” Mr. Gentile said.

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