Come face your fears at the MHS production of Dracula!

by: Jacob Cannon


MHS Theater is presenting Dracula, a stage show based off of a book and horror film intended to bring a horrific and thrilling experience to audience members.  

The story’s plot and conflict revolves around Dracula, a blood sucking vampire who hypnotizes his victims, and is played by Sophomore Samuel Cook.  

“He is the creepy person that’s just disgusting, and your worst fear, of the monster hiding in your closet. He is pretty much what’s made of nightmares,” Junior Rosie McKamey, the assistant director of the play, said.

“It’s been really cool learning to be a vampire,”  Cook said, “I started practicing the accent like a day before auditions and it just, um,  it came really easily.  I have played a few very evil characters, like Dracula, so a lot of the manners I was already able to do.”

“[Sam] has put so much time and effort into every little aspect; his hair, his stance, how he walks, the way he speaks, the way he holds his arms, just, he’s added the creepy little bits, here and there, just on his own. Sam has made Dracula, like, amazing,” McKamey said.

Actors and tech students, under the direction of Mr. Hibbard and Mckamey, have worked together to achieve the goal of presenting the play to audience members.

“It’s pretty fun. I like all the people, and it’s so cool and so intense,” said sophomore Erin Smith, who plays a ghoul in the play.  “I get to kind of be creepy, I’ve never gotten to be creepy before, and I’m definitely learning a lot of, like, oh what’s the word, learning a lot about drama and backstage and costuming, stuff like that,” Smith said.

“These actors are steller. They’re the ones that give it to you, then we just add in flavor,” Sophomore Katrina Toll said.

“Just come watch it, it’s so good, and it’s so, like, inspiring. It’s not just a really creepy play, it has a much deeper meaning,”  Smith said.

“I would recommend that everyone comes, because it is an amazing play, and so much hard work has gone into it, and the effects are amazing. It’d be a play that’d you would remember for your whole life, so don’t miss it,” McKamey said.  

The performance nights for the play are April 20th, 21st and 22nd at 7:00 pm, with admission being $4 per ticket, or $3 with student ID and children.  


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